Data Management System

(Patent pending - Expected fully operational within 18 months)

A web based DMS specially designed for Blast Off Marine. Using data stored securely on our servers, clients can access information, documents, weather, and any other piece of information which has been recorded either by staff, automatic instrument, or any other means, for their worksite. Keeping track of everything, from which batch of paint was used to repair a specific rust defect, to what the dew point was on a specific date and time. Updated in real time, data, and pictures taken are uploaded immediately. Meaning clients will be able to see, in real time, exactly what work Blast Off Marine has done, and what they are currently working on.
All of this will be displayed in a client friendly format, which is clearly labeled, and easy to understand. Also included will be a search functionality, which will allow clients to identify any specific portion of data for viewing. 

The DMS can include a 3D model of your project, which will show locations and data such as pictures and videos for any item, for a convenient view of where exactly these are occurring. Also included are notification options, which enable you to have emails, or text messages sent directly to you, notifying you of any change or completion of your project.

This entire system can be accessed remotely from any internet connected computer worldwide, meaning that you could potentially comprehensively supervise an entire worksite from any computer in the world, while never setting foot on site.

With the DMS being extremely scalable, and maintained by Blast Off Marine, the system can be customized to suit any project.