Blasting Systems

We use 2 different blasting material based on the requirements and conditions of the job.

Sponge-Jet®is a low dust alternative to traditional blasting techniques, using an exclusive delivery system in conjunction with Blast off Marine's patented recovery system.  The benefits of the system/s are: 

  • Other trades and personnel can continue to work in close proximity while blast work is being carried out.
  • The reduction in air born particles make this system safe for use in confined spaces using only normal PPE, i.e., paper respiratory masks and eye protection.
  • It is a preferred application by OH&S and environmental personnel, especially when work is to be carried out over or near waterways
  • Sponge Jet MediaDescription: registered tmark.jpg can be recycled up to 10 times, offering substantial cost savings
  • Sponge Jet MediaDescription: registered tmark.jpg is the only media to comply with SSPC AB 4 standard for encapsulated media abrasives which covers the standards for recycling and re-use of composite media plus all required ISO standards ISO 8501+ Aus standards.
  • The Sponge media is constructed as an open cell composite of polyurethane loaded with abrasive material, for aggressively blasting and profiling up to 150 microns.  The application method can also be adjusted to lightly abrade surfaces such as light gauge aluminum
  • This system reduces soluble chloride levels below traditional methods in a one pass application, without the requirement of a wash down, making this an ideal system for use on wharves and jetty programs.

We also use certified over water Garnett blasting techniques when applicable. This can be especially useful for use with the PCD (see below) when containment is an issue, or for small areas where containment is easier.