Hay Point Expansion 3

Client: Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd

Blast Off Marine has been working sideways with Bechtel on the repair of paint and weld defects in more than 160 conveyor galleries, headstocks and many other pieces of steel which has been transported from China for the Expansion of Hay Point Coal Terminal.

The repairs carried out by Blast Off Marine includes spot paint repair, large areas of surface rust, concentrated rust, swarf rusting, scratched paint, peeling paint and porosities in welding which can be seen to be rusting through the paint and any other defects such as surface rust on cladding, scratching of paint down to metal surface on cladding, rust leaching around bolts, rusted stainless steel electrical board, rusted piping and rusted ā€œUā€ bolts.

All repairs has been carried out following a different range of specifications depending of the uses of the structures, material and requirements of each element. A basically scope of the works carried out on each element includes pressure wash, Garnet/Sponge Blasting, installation of protection coating system and QA testing.

Blast Off Marine has been also carrying out the Fit out of mechanical devices such as idler frames and rollers, wind guards, roof sheets, belt weighters and others.

Works has been carried out in a different range of areas and conditions which has demanded the improvement of safety, environmental and quality procedures, and also the training of our personnel for specific conditions on each working site. The most important areas Blast Off Marine has been carrying works are Mackay, Gladstone and Townville Ports and wharfs.