Couple of days ago Blast Off Marine carried out some Sponge Blasting at Mackay Shipyard, this time it was the Ship Loader.

Our innovative blasting accessories and methodologies allowed us to carry out surface preparations, just couple of meter away from the water.  Warranting NO DUST and 100% RECOVERY of residual materials and blasting media. That is why Blast Off Marine is more than environmental friendly! 

Blast off Marine was recently contacted about doing some work on a crusing boat in the Whitsundays. The boat was off the water, housed in a shed. Blast off, using sponge-jet, boom lifts, and harnesses, were able to successfully blast the boat, both inside and out. 

Client: Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd

Blast Off Marine has been working sideways with Bechtel on the repair of paint and weld defects in more than 160 conveyor galleries, headstocks and many other pieces of steel which has been transported from China for the Expansion of Hay Point Coal Terminal.

Someone contacted Blast Off Marine looking for the best way to remove some old paint from the motor room in a fishing ship. After the site inspection by our Managing Director we found our new client removing paint with a little blade and spatula. We suggested the client the use of our leading product, Sponge Blasting, which can allow us to carry out the job without taking the ship out of the water, with minimum containement devices and without spilling any contaminant or blasting material into the water.