Blast Off Marine is now opening up our new workshop and facilities, for all your odds and ends blasting and painting jobs!

Pieces like trays, trailers, car panels and parts, or even an entire car body! All vehicles, machinery, and equipment can now be blasted and painted using our highly specialised equipment. Using our Sponge Blasting Technology we can ensure 100 % no panel warping due to heat!

No job is too big or two small!

Give us a call on 0416 857 007, or bring your parts to our workshop, to get a reasonable quote for the best quality and customer services. 

Using our specialised equipment and expertly trained staff, Blast Off Marine was able to remove the anti-foul protective coating from this fiberglass boat.  All without damaging the gel coat! 

Over 9 Days in May, Blast Off Marine completed the Sponge Blasting of the boat Harwood. The sponge blasting was carried out at the Mackay Shipyard, just a couple of metres from the Mackay Harbour. As poart of our commitment to being an environmentally friendly company, we were able to complete the Sponge Blasting serface preparation, in the vacinity of the waterways

Blast Off Marine have just finished carrying out repairs on a Hopper located at Mackay Harbor. 

The works included fabrication and installation of a new horizontal beam and two bracers to replace an old beam. This beam had been slowly eaten away by rust, and was now structurally deficient.  

The works also included repair of an access ladder which had been damaged. This included replacing the ladder cage, and installing gussets on the bottom to straighten the ladder. 

The Blast Off Crew have been hard at work! We have just had 5 of the guys complete their working at heights training! We are now both trained and competent to work at heights.  

As usual, Blast Off Marine had its Christmas Party, This time it was hold at Dolphin Heads Resort on the 20th of December 2013. All Employees and their families, some ex-employees and friends were present. We share couple of hours with good music, good people and awesome BBQ.

Thanks to all members of BLAST OFF MARINE CREW for all their efforts in the 2013. The administrative team wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

New Website!

Blast off Marine is happy to finally announce the launch of our new Website!

Completed Projects

We have also been busy putting all of our state of the art equipment to good use. Completing projects on: